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From Pulse to the Library, TU Delft offers you a wide variety of EdLabs on campus where you (together with students and fellow-lecturers) can test and experiment on your education. Make use of one of the rooms below or the ones you find in the Teaching Lab.


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CiTG-room A

358 places

Lecture hall with standard recording equipment for Collegerama. (Pilot for lecturers in which you can start or stop the recording themselves.)

Via Servicepunt CITG or faculty's planner.

More information about the lecture hall.


Information about the equipment.http://www.collegerama.nl/


CiTG Instruction Room 1.95 + Project Rooms

72, 125, 40 and 20 places

From Instruction Room 1.95 it is possible to have livestream connection with Project Rooms 1.33, 1.21 and 1.93 which makes you able to instruct large groups simultaneously.

Via Servicepunt CITG or faculty's planner.

Information instruction rooms:

Room 1.95https://esviewer.tudelft.nl/space/112/.

Project room 1.33.

Project room 1.21.

Project room 1.93.


IDE arena


120 places

Debate setting


Via Servicepunt IDE or faculty's planner.

Information arena.


VR-lab in the library

Will follow

Will follow

New Media Centre

Information about visiting via




Pulse Hall 2, 4 and 8

Respectively 104, 58 and 82 places

LED screens for multiple student groups. As a lecturer you can transfer any screen to the central screen for classroom discussion. You can also control AV with a mobile tablet so that the you are not bound to the lecturer desk.

Via Servicepunt Pulse or faculty's planner.

Information rooms:

Hall 2

Hall 4

Hall 8



Pulse square

50-80 places

Short break-out settings, lunch lectures, open presentations, workshops etc.

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Information space.


Pulse Technology

50 places

Instruction space for hybrid education (online and on campus) IN DEVELOPMENT

Via Servicepunt Pulse or faculty's planner.

Information about Instruction space.


Information about facilities via educationspaces-ESA@tudelft.nl


Pulse Breakout

40 places


Special education space for discussion, reflection, workshops. You can focus on face-to-face interaction. There are no audio visual facilities available.

Via Servicepunt Pulse or faculty's planner.

Information about education space.