Education Day 2020

Once a year, an Education Day for all TU Delft lecturers and support staff is organised. Join the Education Day to gain and share knowledge, get inspired, participate in interesting workshops and connect to your colleagues! The event consist of: a kick-off, a keynote speaker, several workshops, an award ceremony where the best lecturer of the year and the new education fellows will be announced and lastly a festive closing.

Expanding our Educational Horizons

What great things can we take from the events of the past few months? What creativity has arisen? What innovative power has emerged? How will this change our education? How have students experienced this period? Has it changed their idea about the way they learn? What insights can they share with us? Some of the many questions which will be answered and discussed during the Education Day 2020 on 5 November. Moreover we want to look forward to see how the past period will influence our education going forward.


Celebrating education by organising a yearly Education Day is a tradition within TU Delft. The current circumstances and insecurities won’t stop this tradition. As planned the Education Day will take place on 5 November, if possible physically on campus or otherwise online. This special day of the year will be a good moment to look back and even better to look forward.

New theme

More than ever the teaching community showed its agility in the last two quarters which yielded many new insights and opportunities. This is one of the main reasons for Rob Mudde, Vice Rector Magnificus/Vice President Education and Annoesjka Cabo, Academic Director Teaching Academy to change the theme of the Education Day 2020 into ‘Expanding our educational horizons'. The new theme covers the findings of the past period and the questions above and fits well into the current situation. This Education Day is about sharing experiences, creativity, challenges, innovations, research on education, student perspective and the benefits and challenges of continuing with online education for the time being.

Call for inspiration

Looking back a lot has happened in the past months on many different fronts. On personal, work and social level all our flexibility, stamina and creativity has been challenged both at home and at work.

Where online education often requires considerable preparation, time and resources we now had none or minimal. We had to make do with what was possible and in doing so everyone made an effort to implement their remote teaching as good as possible. How did you manage it? Who inspired you in remote times and how are you moving forward?

To be able to continue your amazing work and that of your peers requires persistence and inspiration. Share the name(s) of your inspirator(s) and the reason why they inspire you to inspire others during the Education Day via Furthermore you are welcome to send us ideas for workshops related to the theme.

Important information

You can already sign up for this year's Education Day! Click here to go to the registration form.

The exact time of the event will follow, but please block 12.00 - 18.00 in your calendar just to be sure.