PhD & Postdoc 360° Poster Event Urban Energy Institute

You are invited to our 360° Poster Event where PhD candidates and Postdoc's come together to find their peers. Walk through it and visit the Gallery with research poster on the field of Urban Energy.

While exploring you will find the entrance to the:

360° Poster Event starting on Monday March 29th at 2pm

At this event PhD candidates and Postdocs will pitch their research for each other, and for everyone who is interested to join. After the pitches, fellow PhD’s, Postdoc’s and other urban energy researchers will engage in a 360° feedback discussion.

Especially in these times where Corona keeps us indoors, connecting is hard. This event provides the opportunity to (re-)connect to peers, to exchange ideas, share experiences and identify opportunities for collaboration. You can join us by pitching your research or give feedback to help your fellow colleagues. A pitcher will be rewarded by the Graduate School with one credit! Besides that, there is also a small competition whereby the best pitchers will receive a prize from the Urban Energy Institute.

Dr. Paula van den Brom, postdoctoral researcher explains:

The event will take place in Zoom where in different breakout rooms various PhD’s will present their research. As audience you are free to choose which breakout room you want to join. More information on the program and the different breakout rooms will follow.

This 360° area will remain active undefinitely. It will not only be filled with the research posters, but as well with video's with tips and tricks about presenting research and it will provide links to people or departments you can turn to for help.  As this Poster Event will be a recurring event; this environment will grow into a strong platform for the Urban Energy Researcher within the TU Delft.

Register: You can already sign up as pitcher or as audience by filling out this registration form.

The door to the 360° virtual environment is expected to open via this page in March.

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