Theme 2: Data-driven Optimization of Renovation Concepts

The aim of this project is to deliver new, data-driven tools – digital twins – that make it possible to achieve high operational performance with energy and indoor climate systems, and to guarantee performance levels over a long period of time (> 25 years).

The project is organized along six activities:

  1. Gathering information from existing databases & knowledge
  2. Understanding the interaction between resident behaviour and renovation concepts
  3. Piloting an energy monitoring campaign – measuring energy before and after a net-zero energy renovation
  4. Predicting, diagnosing and optimizing with data-driven digital twins
  5. Scaling up from the building to (social) building stock level
  6. Forming a learning community to share knowledge & insights

Partners: TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, HHS, Saxion, TNO, Aedes, Arcadis, Brink Climate Systems, Be Next, DUWO, Milieu Centraal, Making Space, Office Vitae, Vabi, Van Wijnen, W/E, Zehnder Group

TU Delft Researchers:

  • Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment: Laure Itard, Arjen Meijer, Henk Visscher, Herman van der Bent (PhD Researcher), Andrea Thaddeus (PhD Researcher), Twan Rovers (PhD Researcher)
  • Faculty of Industrial Design: Stella Boes, Sacha Sylvester, David Keyson, Luyi Xu (Post Doctoral Researcher)

Photo: DUWO

Timeline: 2020 – 2024

Project Results

Activity 1: Mobilizing Existing Information, Data and Knowledge

Activity 2: Interaction Between Users and Renovation Concepts

Activity 4: Predict, Diagnose and Optimize with Data-driven Digital Twins

Activity 5: Behavior and Digital Twins - From Dwelling to Building Stock

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