Utilisation of solar energy everywhere

We need:
• Electricity production from all available surfaces (photons to electrons).
• Multifunctional solar cells integrated in building elements, urban surfaces and the landscape.
• Smart combination of custom shapes, bendability, colour, transparency, shading tolerance and heat usage.
• Circular and efficient materials and components.

Research challenges
•   Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy fully integrated in building elements such as walls, bricks, pavements, coatings, roofing and acoustic screens.
•   Modelling of design and energy yield of urban/architectural integrated PV systems.
•   PV solutions for architectural heritage, domotics, e-mobility and heat management.

Examples of TU Delft projects

Floating solar panels on in-shore waterways
Floating solar panels are an example on how solar cells can be integrated into the landscape. Together with Blue 21, Dutch Water Authority Rivierenland and Hakkers, TU Delft develops cost-competitive PV systems with bifacial modules and sustainable, lightweight materials. TU Delft provides high-accuracy DC-to-AC electricity yield prediction modelling as well as the implementation of power output monitoring.

E-bike charging station
Located on the TU Delft campus, the e-bike charging station combines a modern design with a highly efficient PV system. TU Delft’s innovative DC electric system including batteries is placed inside the station. Here, cyclists can recharge their bikes and researchers can gather data for studies on solar energy and e-mobility.

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Contact for this theme is Olindo Isabella