The energy transition has far-stretching implications for chemical companies. e-Refinery at TU Delft enables industry partners to start building the required technology capacity and human capital as soon as possible. Researchers in the e-Refinery initiative focus their research on the electrochemical conversion of sustainable electricity into fuels and chemical building blocks, from the molecular scale to large-scale system integration. Implementing e-Refinery will serve three important challenges that the society is facing: CO2 neutral Fuel, seasonal energy storage and a defossilized chemical industry.

Reduction of CO2 emission

Contritbuting to the ambitions formulated in the Dutch Klimaatakkoord.

Why e-Refinery?

Climate change is urging us to move towards a CO2-neutral sustainable energy system. Electrification is a key enabler towards reducing CO2 emission.

Our future

The first steps towards industrial scale refineries that deliver chemicals and fuels based on electrosynthesis using renewable electricity: ‘e-Refinery’ systems.

Why participate?

Together with academia, research institutes, government and industry we're able to build projects for a fossil-free future. Join e-Refinery in developing the initiative’s vision and realizing its ambitions!

Join us!

Want to accelerate the sustainability of your company? We work in close collaboration with top international universities, institutes in the field and many industrial partners. Join us and get access to the latest technologies in the field!


Global warming is a fact. But together we can make a difference. Our unique, multiscale and multidisciplinary approach is a good way to accelerate sustainability. We are looking for investment partners. Participate now and contribute to a better world.



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