e-Refinery at TU Delft develops electrochemical conversion technology for the sustainable production of chemicals and fuels

The energy transition has far-stretching implications for chemical companies. The e-Refinery institute brings researchers and industrial partners together in order to develop the required technology and human capital. Researchers in the e-Refinery initiative focus their research on the electrochemical conversion of sustainable electricity into fuels and chemical building blocks, from the molecular scale to large-scale system integration. Implementing e-Refinery will serve three important challenges that the society is facing: CO2 neutral Fuel, seasonal energy storage and a defossilized chemical industry.

CO₂ Reduction and Reuse

Circularity is the only way forward

Why e-Refinery?

We will lead the way to a new industrial era based on sustainable electricity and feedstock for our needs.

Our future

The Netherlands is well placed to take the lead and develop the required process and manufacturing industry and thus pave the way to a green future.

Why participate?

Being at the forefront of developments for a fossil-free future.

We are

Scientists, engineers, technicians, gathered together to strive for and realize a sustainable future for all, by scientific research and education.