Official TU Delft Side Events at UN 2023 Water Conference

Water we waiting for?

21 March 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST Barnard College, New York

The aim of this side session is to open-up UN2023 Water Conference to the world. In this trans-continental forum on setting the Water Action Agenda for sustainable development we’ll be bringing together water consortia from across the globe, with hubs in São Paulo (Brazil), Nairobi (Kenya), Delft (the Netherlands) and Zürich (Switzerland). 

Register for online or in person participation by clicking here. Download this flyer for more information. 

Water Innovations for Sustainable Development

23 March 8:00 AM – 9:15 AM UN Headquarters New York | Side Event Room A

Participants will engage in a Human Spectrogram, an interactive exercise to prioritize areas of impactful research, innovation and investment to advance the Water Action Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This event is only accessible for UN-accredited participants and co-organized with 374WATERº. Download this flyer for more information

TU Delft | Water for Impact exhibits at Water House

20 – 24 March

Visitors of the Water House in New York will be able to take a close look at TU Delft innovations, including a TAHMO weather station ( and earrings made from municipal sewage by-products (