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Forth day of the SBL workshop

The SBL workshop came to its official end today, with six talks, and the official closing remarks by the organizers.

Third day of the SBL workshop

The third day at the SBL workshop was divided into three parts: lectures, discussion, and the workshop reception.

Second day SBL workshop

The second day at the SBL workshop continued right where day one left off, with further stimulating and enthusiastic discussion. In total,...


REFEREED JOURNAL ARTICLES AND CHAPTERS OF BOOKS Tan, Y.H., Hofman, W. & Hulstijn, J. A Framework for the Design of Service...

Impression first day SBL workshop

It was a great first day at the SBL workshop! There were four keynote talks today. The first talk focused on the theoretical consideration...

Selected Publications

Within our university a general system based upon PURE is operational for finding information concerning publications, see pure.tudelft.nl...

Early Career Day | Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa

Are you a junior researcher or PhD candidate in the upcoming field of frugal innovation? Join the CFIA Early Career Day.

Roll-Out DUT16 Formula Student Team Delft

Formula Student Team Delft invites you to the spectacular Roll-Out of the DUT16 on June 3rd! The latest Formula Student car of their student...

Education Day UT Twente – via 4TU.CEE

Every year the University of Twente organises an ‘Education day’ with workshops and keynotes to inform and inspire educational staff.

Workshop 'The Future of Cumulus Parametrization'

Alleen Engels - The purpose of the workshop is to discuss progress, challenges and future directions of the representation of atmospheric...