About us

How can we secure the Netherlands’ automated storm surge barrier from malicious hackers? And how do companies comply with security standards online? Why are some Internet Service Providers attacked much more than others? And how can we solve the attribution problem? How can organizations implement effective and usable security for their systems and data bases? And can we share information securely over the network? Or, how to leverage data analytics on big data sets for improving security and while maintaining privacy? Can we use quantum computing for encryption and even make it quantum-proof?

At Delft University of Technology, a community of researchers work together to address these and other cybersecurity challenges. Our team of engineers, computer scientists, philosophers, social scientists and economists addresses a wide array of challenges from different angles and with a range of skill sets. Our researchers aim to improve technical computer security, cryptography, economic security measures, infrastructure security and security strategy, policy and governance. Our high level of interdisciplinarity stems from our conviction that a one-dimensional approach to cybersecurity fails to live up to the complexity of security challenges posed by today’s vast and interconnected socio-technical systems. Instead, we believe a combination of knowledge from different fields is needed that offers a holistic view on cybersecurity. This holistic view has proven to generate creative, innovative and unconventional security solutions, making Delft University a unique place to learn about and research cybersecurity.

This website presents the interested reader with an overview over the cybersecurity research and teaching being done at TU Delft within various departments. The site includes a list of our cybersecurity researchers and provides information on our focus areas, publications and educational programs.