The Collaborative Design Lab (CDL) at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft is a cutting- edge facility that offers a collaborative environment for concurrent and integrated system design activities.

The lab is a “design methods and processes playground”, where groups of students, researchers and other professionals can work together in a highly interactive, dynamic and fast-paced environment. The CDL’s advanced design tools and facilities enable near- instantaneous feedback on the consequences of decisions at the mission and system level. This allows teams to quickly iterate on their designs and make informed decisions based on real- time data, which increases traceability and transparency of design decisions.

Overall, the CDL is an essential tool for those looking to improve their design processes, increase efficiency and enhance the skills required for successful teamwork and cooperation in complex projects.

Interested? If you or your group would like to make use of this creative environment, feel free to book the CDL:

The CDL provided a place for collaboration and enabled a concurrent and collaborative design process making communication easy from every member to every member.

Space Sweeper Team

The possibility of including collaborative design approaches in the CDL lab was highly eff ective in maximizing the contributions and ideas from all team members, resulting in a more comprehensive and refi ned project. Additionally, the use of CDP4 allowed for a more efficient and streamlined workflow, with the ability to quickly analyse and interpret various design options.

Lasse Bruun, M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering student.

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A variety of academic and extracurricular projects carried out design and systems engineering activities at the CDL. By making use of collaborative design facilities, the teams are able to leverage their unique perspectives and skill sets, resulting in designs that are innovative and effective.

Space Sweeper

Electric LOX Pump


Vents on Moons

Space Minor

Cubesat Asteroid Observer