Intelligent reform of our AgriFood production and supply systems requires technological innovation and a technology-driven strategy. This calls for horticulture, agrifood industry and knowledge institutes to collaborate in research and innovation towards an increase in agricultural production and decreased use of resources such as water and fossil fuels. Much is to be expected from developing, employing and integrating new technologies from highly diverse fields such as Robotics, Sensor physics, Computer Vision, Communication Technology, Geothermal engineering, Material Science, Artificial Intelligence, Genetics, and Crop Modelling.

TU Delft AgTech Institute promotes research- and innovation in AgriFood technology. It fosters public-private partnerships by connecting the industry to TU Delft’s world-class engineering- and systems knowledge and expertise. The unique R&D portfolio that is emerging from these partnerships addresses societal and industrial demands to the sector, and will be instrumental in driving the transition to a sustainable future in AgriFood with novel high-tech solutions. We invite you to innovate our future together.

The Key-Technological Themes in AgriFood can be found below. For an overview of projects, visit the projects page.