P.N. (Philip) Conroy


I am an electrical engineer working in the fields of electromagnetics and signal processing for remote sensing and science applications. I am passionate about furthering humanity's reach into space and its capacity to foster international cooperation. I began my PhD in August 2020 in using InSAR technology to measure and monitor ground subsidence in the Netherlands. Previously I was a young graduate trainee at ESA (ESTEC) for two years, where I focused on physical modeling of atmospheric and ionospheric effects on spacebourne radar systems (Mars Express, BIOMASS, ROSE-L).


I am working on measuring the subtle changes over time in the height of Dutch peatlands (polderland) as part of a larger study called LOSS - Living on Soft Soils: Subsidence and Society. Our aim is to quantify the rate of peat soil loss in the Netherlands and assess the social and environmental effects this has; for example, increased flooding risks and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • P. Conroy et al., "A New Method for Determining Total Electron Content in the Martian Ionosphere Using Mars Express MARSIS Data," in Planetary and Space Science, vol. 182, 2019. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pss.2019.104812
  • P. Conroy et al., "Demonstration of 40 GBaud intradyne transmission through worst-case atmospheric turbulence conditions for geostationary satellite uplink," in Applied Optics, vol. 57, 2018.

Philip Conroy

PhD candidate