Do IoT Fieldlab

Do IoT Fieldlab drives the acceleration of innovation in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). The latest generation of mobile communication (currently 5G) offers a great opportunity for the large-scale introduction of the Internet of Things. The fast connections, high reliability and short response times of 5G make it possible to bring new applications to the market in the areas of mobility, logistics, agriculture, health and safety. The Fieldlab supports the development of these new applications. In short: Groundbreaking Internet of Things for a better society.

What we are

Do IoT Fieldlab is the one-stop shop where companies, municipalities and other public or private organisations can come with questions about research and innovation in mobile communication technology and IoT.

Do IoT Fieldlab is part of an extensive network of knowledge, experience and contacts and has the expertise to advise and guide in the development and upscaling of innovations. The Fieldlab is therefore excellently equipped to aid companies in taking the next step in the development of their products or services.

Do IoT Fieldlab offers companies the opportunity to test their IoT innovations in a "low-regulation" environment. They can make use of the state-of-the art physical and digital communication infrastructure that is built for research and innovation in IoT.

We work closely with the Delft on Internet of Things consortium of the TU Delft, other experts, entrepreneurs and policymakers in the public and private sector.

EFRO/ERDF project

In the coming period Do IoT Fieldlab will be further developed. With the help of a financial contribution from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), we can start building our ICT infrastructure based entirely on 5G technology that is also operator neutral.

Two test sites will be set up, where this ultra-modern experimental communication infrastructure can be used; at The Green Village and Unmanned Valley. These are both "low-regulation" test sites, which makes it possible to quickly develop innovations in the field of 5G and the Internet of Things. In addition, a mobile test setup is being built that can be used for on-site testing.

 Another important part of the Do IoT Fieldlab is a data platform for the secure collection and sharing of generated sensor data in the various test setups and projects.

As part of the ERDF project, six pilot projects with involved SMEs and other organisations are being carried out to stimulate innovations in IoT in the themes of mobility, logistics, smart manufacturing, safety, health and smart cities. In addition to the pilot projects, a SME scheme is being set up and implemented by Innovation Quarter in collaboration with the province of South Holland, to stimulate and strengthen innovation in the region. This gives SMEs the opportunity to develop and test new products at the Do IoT Fieldlab. Companies are likely to be able to make use of this scheme from the autumn of 2020.

In this project the TU Delft works closely together with TNO, SURF, MCS, BTG, The Green Village, Unmanned Valley, Robovalley and Mobility Innovation Center Delft

The EFRO/EFRD Ambition

Our ambition is to become the prime innovation centre in the field of IoT. The collaborating partners have the objective to stimulate the economy by means of a targeted innovation impulse, in the form of a regional knowledge and innovation centre. In the implementation period of this three-year project, approximately thirty SME projects will be supported by the Do IoT Fieldlab, with numerous new IoT products and services expected to reach the market. In addition, events and workshops will be held to share knowledge with the partners and interested parties involved and to expand the network. The projects and activities that will take place in the coming years will lead to growth in employment and business in the form of new start-ups and scale-ups. This way we continue to expand our knowledge, expertise and network.


Do IoT Fieldlab is an open innovation platform where parties can connect and collaborate. Together we innovate in the Internet of Things for a more sustainable, safer and healthier society. Interested? Contact us or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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