Do IoT Fieldlab

Self-driving cars, drones that monitor the progress of greenhouse crops, robots in factories; soon they will all be able to use 5G, a more reliable and faster digital communications network.The Delft on Internet of Things (Do IoT) Fieldlab stimulates research and innovation in Internet of Things and 5G applications. The field lab offers an infrastructure for researchers, large and small companies, start-ups and students. Here they can develop and test new IoT applications based on the latest wireless communication technology (including 5G). The Do IoT Fieldlab will thereby accelerate innovation in mobility, logistics, agro, health and safety in the Netherlands.

Research and Innovation

The fieldlab is part of the Delft on Internet of Things collaboration at TU Delft which has a long-term research programme, working in national and international collaborations with other research institutes and companies.  Students and PhDs provide up-to-date knowledge and inspiring, new ideas.

The Do IoT Fieldlab offers a state-of-the-art communications infrastructure consisting of an innovation environment with the most advanced wireless technology (currently 5G) and a research environment in which scientists from universities and industry can develop and test new communications technology (6G and beyond). This new technology will eventually be used in the innovation environment, creating a unique and future-proof environment for testing.

Infrastructure for testing IoT applications

The Do IoT Fieldlab offers companies, such as telecom operators and their suppliers, the opportunity to test their innovations in a safe state-of-the art environment. They can use the flexible and programmable infrastructure of the Do IoT Fieldlab. The infrastructure can simultaneously serve multiple professional sectors (logistics, mobility, energy, industry, agro, healthcare and education), whereby each sector-specific application uses those communication features that best meet the application requirements with regards to connectivity, latency, bandwidth, and reliability. 

Startups, SMEs and large companies can also try out new data-driven innovations and demonstrate them in a practical environment, for example self-driving cars or drones that monitor rescue operations at sea. The Green Village offers a safe environment for practical tests at the TU Delft Campus, and the testing of drones is possible at Unmanned Valley Valkenbug in Katwijk.


The Do IoT Fieldlab is an initiative of TU Delft, TNO, the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Region (MRDH), the Holland-Rhineland region, the municipalities of Delft and Katwijk and the province of South Holland.

The Do IoT Fieldlab is part of the TU Delft Campus, a co-creation community driven by knowledge sharing and societal impact.

Founding partners