Karel Luyben Lezing

De Karel Luyben Lezing wordt sinds 2018 jaarlijks georganiseerd ter ere van Karel Luyben, oud Rector Magnificus. De lezing heeft als doel om jong talent een internationaal podium te geven, publiek te betrekken bij wetenschap en om te verbinden. Onderwerpen die Karel Luyben hoog in het vaandel heeft staan. Tijdens de internationale Karel Luyben Lezing ontvangt de TU Delft haar alumni, relaties, studenten en andere geïnteresseerden voor een bijzonder samenzijn.

Online Karel Luyben Lezing

Friday 2 juli 2021, 19.30 Jakarta tijd (= 14.30 CEST)

Deze bijeenkomst zou in het Erasmus Huis in Jakarta te worden gehouden, maar door de aanhoudende Corona maatregelen hebben we besloten deze lezing online aan te bieden.

Alumna Tita Larasati zal dit jaar deze online lezing verzorgen:

How Culture, Creativity, Science and Technology synergize to create an inclusive and sustainable future

Uncertainties are the only things we can be certain about in the recent times. Drastic changes have taken place, forcing us to find new ways of fulfilling even our basic needs. We no longer feel secure about how to prepare ourselves, and our younger generations, to face near future challenges. What do we know now that might still be relevant for the next new era? How do we set our priorities so our future selves may thrive? As an attempt to contribute to this endless theme, this discussion will take the perspectives of creative economy in its relation to science, technology, culture and creativity, to create an inclusive and sustainable future.

Tita Larasati

Tita Larasati was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, before she moved to Bandung to study Industrial Product Design at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). She acquired a scholarship from IKEA Foundation Amsterdam to continue studying at Design Academy Eindhoven, then pursued her study at Delft University of Technology. Her research interests include exploration of natural fibres (particularly bamboo), sustainability, community development, design thinking, creative economy, and creative city. After living in The Netherlands for about 10 years, she returned to Bandung and co-founded Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF) in 2008, a creative community hub of which she currently chairs. She was also appointed as the chairperson of Bandung Creative Economy Committee in 2014. She became the Focal Point for Bandung City of Design, UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN), when Bandung joined the network in 2015. She is the Deputy of Strategic Partnership, Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN), an organisation that connects bottom-up creative economy initiatives in more than 200 cities in Indonesia. She joined the International Advisory Council for Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre (PEC) UK in 2019. She belongs to The Indonesian Young Academy of Science (ALMI) and the Indonesian Science Institute (AIPI), and a climate leader at The Climate Reality Project (TCRP) Indonesia. Next to her main occupation as a lecturer/ researcher at ITB, she creates and publishes her graphic diary.

Tita Larasati

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