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Open days exploring

Want to learn more about the Bachelor's degree programmes? Join us at the open days exploring on 19 and 20 May....

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University Politecnico di Milano joins the IDEA League

The IDEA League is a focused network of leading European universities of science and technology...

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Research at TU Delft

Robot arm for Duchenne patients

Gerard Dunning helped to develop a robotic arm-support aid for Duchenne patients. On Friday 22 April, he will be...

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Scientists at TU Delft take next step towards observing quantum physics in real life

Small objects like electrons and atoms behave according to quantum mechanics, with quantum effects like superposition,...

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Business at TU Delft

Symposium 28th of April: Technology in Cycling

How science is helping to improve performance in (elite) cycling...

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Mobile Communication via White Spaces - patent

Wireless systems do not all make continuous use of the allocated frequencies. The resulting ‘white spaces’ are of...

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