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Website Online Learning LIVE!

From now on, TU Delft’ s online education is easily accessible and findable through online-learning.tudelft.nl.

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Pre-University Calculus

Starting university in September? Be prepared and follow this online mathematics course!

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Research at TU Delft

Relaxing in the rear seat on holiday with 'active seating'

Car passenger comfort can be increased through the use of ‘active seating’: playing a game using sensors in the back...

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Research with 'Delft' neutrons shows that Li-ion batteries can be efficient

Scientists from TU Delft have recently conducted research that has shed more light on how popular rechargeable Li-ion...

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Business at TU Delft

VSParticle Blogs from MIT

After winning the first edition of the TU Delft STARTUP competition Tobias Pfeiffer and Aaike van Vugt, founders of...

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Airbus Group partners with TU Delft

This agreement is to ensure students have the requisite skills to perform and succeed in the aerospace industry...

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