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Credits for MOOCs

As of February 2017 TU Delft students will be able to get EC credits by following online courses...

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Alumni map of the world

Get in touch with fellow TU Delft alumni around the world...

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Research at TU Delft

‘Battolyser’ combines electricity storage and hydrogen production

For the first time, TU Delft researchers led by Prof. Fokko Mulder have produced an integrated battery electrolysis...

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Gastric sleeve may become the new gold standard for morbid obesity

For many patients suffering from severe obesity, a gastric sleeve (reducing the stomach) is an ideal alternative to a...

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Business at TU Delft

TU Delft start-up ShoreMonitoring helps free houseboats in Gennep

Damage to the barrage in the River Meuse near Grave has led to a drop in the water level at the Port of Heijen/Gennep....

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Industry and knowledge institutions join forces in Dutch Optics Centre

Dutch companies in the optical manufacturing industry can strengthen their position in the global market by joining...

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