Every day of the week and all year round

Always wanted to take a good look at the TU Delft campus? Come to Delft and do the interactive VisiTUs Campus tour. Alone or with others.


How does it work?

Explore the TU Delft campus with an innovative self guided tour full of gamification. We created 30 mini challenges spread across the campus. There is no need to download an app, because the whole tour is web-based. Based on your GPS position, you can see where you are on your phone and what the nearest faculty or point of interest is. You decide where you go and how long you want to stay.

Take the tour, explore our campus and see if your TU Delft is a good fit for you. Have fun!

On location

You'll have the most fun if you go to our campus. Come to the TU Delft Campus by bicycle or public transport. You can stop at Delft Station or Delft Campus station when you come by train. Grab your phone, click on the blue button below and get started.

From home

Are you not able to come to Delft? You can even play some of the challenges from your home. Just click the blue button right now and the tour will pop-up, pick the challenge you want to start and experience our campus. Part of the challenges are only playable on location.

A few tips

► Put on a pair of good shoes; the campus is quite large ► Make sure your phone is fully charged ► Google Chrome works best, but other browsers will work too ► Don't forget to check the weather so you know if you need to bring an umbrella or wear warm clothes.

This is what it looks like on your screen

You can switch between languages when you visit the different locations