Strategy at TU Delft

In the beginning of 2018, the TU Delft presented a new strategic framework for the coming years: the Strategic Framework 2018-2024.This Strategic Framework serves as a high-level compass for TU Delft, and provides guidelines for the myriad decisions, both big and small, that are taken in every part and level of the University.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 situation, TU Delft was forced to critically reflect on how to achieve our strategic objectives (as formulated in the Strategic Framework 2018-2024) in these uncertain times. Against this background Strategic Response Teams have been set up to advise the Executive Board on a number of areas that are crucial to the university and that may already have been a source of concern, but because of COVID-19 even more so. In addition, an external analysis has been carried out with regard to the factors that have a major impact on TU Delft. Based on this input, the Strategic Priorities 2022-2024 were drafted, which formulate the main focus areas for the TU Delft for the coming two years. It is in that sense both an update of the current Strategic Framework and a precursor of the upcoming new strategic plan (2024-2030).

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