Vision Teams

Vision Teams are efforts by TU Delft to learn about perspectives on technologies that exist in society. TU Delft is at the foreground of developing technologies and is informing society about these technologies and their uses. With vision teams we want to understand concerns about the impact of technologies and explore how they can be made of better use to society.

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TU Delft is regularly creating vision teams, each for discussing with organisations, industry and the general public a particular technology or technology-related challenge. TU Delft wants to contribute to solving global challenges with technologies, and it wants to participate and be available in societal discussions about technologies.
A vision team consists of TU Delft experts from different fields and different faculties. These experts explore the societal impact of a particular technology or challenge, and organise meetings with stakeholders from industry, governance and society for discussing perspectives, opportunities and concerns. Outcomes may range from shorter position statements to elaborate websites, for presenting technologies, giving scans of discussion in society about them, and offering visions of TU Delft.