Delft Neuroscience & Engineering

14-11-2019 BEI Meeting Delft Neuroscience & Engineering

How do we read, write and block activity in neurons? Is it possible to design specific neural tissues with particular 3D and ion channel make-up? These are only two of the questions that live among the group of close to thirty neuroscience enthusiasts who signed up for the first meeting on Delft Neuroscience and Engineering, organized by Dimphna Meijer (TNW-Bionanoscience) and Delft Bioengineering Institute. Maarten Kole of Utrecht University and NIN-KNAW, David Maresca of TNW-ImPhys and Vincent Laban of Yes!Delft start-up VSParticle presented their work. With participants present from 3mE, EWI, TNW (ImPhys, BN, BT) and ErasmusMC, the goals of this meeting – to connect with TUD and external colleagues in the field and to explore the Delft Neuroscience & Engineering landscape – were met, and we are looking forward to the follow-up meeting in about six months. PIs who would like to organize similar events, bringing together colleagues inside and outside TU Delft on a bioengineering topic of their interest, can contact Delft Bioengineering Institute via Nienke van Bemmel,

Neuroscience enthusiasts connecting over coffee at the first BEI Meeting Delft Neuroscience & Engineering in TNW’s Kronigzaal, 14 November 2019.