Concrete Structures 2 (4 ECTS)

The main goal of this course is to learn to apply calculation methods to design and assess the serviceability and safety of reinforced structures and statically determinate prestressed structures. The course contains an introduction on the differences in the design of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete. For reinforced concrete the focus is on the design of slabs spanning in one and two directions. This includes different calculation methods for the internal forces, such as an elastic analysis and the equilibrium method for slabs supported by beams and flat slabs. For punching shear, the theory of resistance as well as the application of reinforcement, is covered. Furthermore, crack width control based on the tensile member model in both the crack formation stage and the stabilized cracking stage is included. For prestressed concrete the focus is on the design of statically determinate prestressed concrete girders. This includes the principles and materials, and the concept of prestressing as an external load. Furthermore, prestress losses caused by friction, slip, wedge set, creep, shrinkage and relaxation are discussed. Ultimate limit state checks such as bending moment capacity are included as well as the detailing of reinforcement for stresses caused by the introduction of prestressing forces.

The course CIE3150 ‘Concrete Structures 2’ is open to Master students, who did not take the course CTB3335 ‘Concrete Structures 2’ during their Bachelor studies at Delft University of Technology.

If you are a master student wishing to take CIE3150, you will be taking the same course, exercises and examination as CTB3335, with only one exception: when you register for your examination via OSIRIS, you have to register for the exam of CIE3150.

For more information, please contact:

Herbert van der Ham