Internship (10 ECTS)

The internship consists of a personal project of at least 7 fulltime weeks in an environment of day-to-day practice of civil engineering companies or institutes (contractors, consultancies, government, non-governmental organisations, etc.) in the Netherlands or abroad.

An internship provides the opportunity to get a glance of the technical, social, economic and organizational aspects of civil engineering and/or related fields as a profession. The student is completing a project in which he/she can apply the academic skills and knowledge acquired in earlier education. The student should aim for a project with clear deliverables of a sufficient academic level. Learning objectives are:

  • demonstrate engineering skills: technical skills, interpreting results, creativity, usability for company
  • familiarize with academic approach: experimental work/computer skills/design skills, extending knowledge/methods, argumentation, ambition
  • show ability to write a technical report: which is structured/consistent, language proficient, with correct use of literature/references, use of figures/tables/equations
  • demonstrate behavioural competences and skills: taking initiative, responsibility, showing communication skills, independency
  • being able to reflect on personal functioning in an evaluation report: reflect on personal objectives, indicate personal strengths/weaknesses, indicate future personal improvement, drawing conclusions for future professional career.

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