Concrete Bridges (4 ECTS)

Students will learn how to choose between the different types of bridges, estimate the construction structural height and the different methods of construction. Starting point is to describe the structures of the most common types of bridges. Much attention will be paid to the historical development in prefabricated girders and concrete cross-sections cast in situ. The method of load distribution will be discussed in detail, as well as the design of expansion joints and the use of structural bearings. Special attention will be focused on bridges with long spans such as cable stayed bridges. Typical vibration problems are discussed. Finally, the use of high strength concrete and its effects on the design is explained.
Two-thirds of the course consists of lectures, while the remaining one third is dedicated to case studies. These case studies deal with the various aspects that have to be acquired to complete this course. Students can perform the case study individually or in pairs. 

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