Capita Selecta Concrete Structures (4 ECTS)

This course is directed to a number of particular aspects of concrete structures.
An aspect of the behaviour of concrete structures that often is underestimated is the role of temperature effects. Cracking of concrete can occur due to imposed deformations as a result of temperature gradients, like generated by solar radiations. Temperature effects occur also in the period that the concrete hardens. Due to chemical reactions associated with the hydration of cement, temperature gradients occur from inside and can lead to cracking when the strength of the concrete does not keep up with the tensile stresses developed. Cracks reduce the quality of a structure (tightness, durability) and excessive cracking should therefore be avoided. The principles of crack width control in relation with temperature effects are addressed.
Finally, the design of concrete structures with a protective function is treated. Such structures require a design against extreme types of loading, like impact, blast and extremely low temperatures (for instance inherent to the storage of LNG). 

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