Prof.dr. P.C. (Peter) Rem

Prof. P. Rem is the head of Resources & Recycling Section in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands. In 1986 he received his PhD degree in Physics and in 2011 he became full professor on Resources and Recycling.

Research interests

Modes of behavior of complex systems in physics, Electromagnetics and fluid dynamics, Separation science & technology, The societal transition towards circularity

  • CIE4710 - Materials Separation in Waste Processing
  • CT3170 - Experimental Recycling
  • CT3160 - Recycling and Life Cycle
  • TA2060 - Data Analysis and Geostatistics
  • TA3130-05 - Mineral Processing
  • EMEC-D/RE-06 - Recycling
  • Di Maio, F., Rem, P.C., Balde, K., Polder, M., Measuring resource efficiency and circular economy: A market value approach (2017) Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 122, pp.163-171.
  • Serranti, S., Luciani, V., Bonifazi, G., Hu, B., Rem, P.C., An innovative recycling process to obtain pure polyethylene and polypropylene from household waste (2015) Waste Management, 35, pp. 12-20.
  • Beunder, E.M., Rem, P.C., The motion of a rolling polygon, (2003) Journal of Applied Mechanics, Transactions ASME, 70 (2), pp. 275-280.

Peter Rem


Engineering Structures

Resources & Recycling

Mrs. A.P.M. Barnhoorn

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