The TU Delft Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geotechnical Sciences education concerns both general behavior of steel structures as well as applied steel structures like buildings, bridges and hydraulic structures.The education in general steel structures starts in the 2nd year of the curriculum, whereas applied steel structures begins at the  4th study year). It is continued in the Master (4th and 5th study year).The steel education program is scheduled such that it follows the preceding elementary lectures such as structural mechanics and material knowledge. The lectures start with designing and verification of steel structures and connections in accordance with elasticity theory. Subsequently, this is deepened by repeating a part of  it and by the introduction of advance stability topics and behavior of joints  which enables that the optimal structural behavior and the favorable properties of steel are further exploited.The focus is on insight and understanding the behavior of steel structures. The real behavior is compared with available theoretical models and in-deep discussed how these theoretical models can be modified to describe structural behavior in the best way.

After the bachelor, students Civil Engineering can pre-design common steel structures such as halls, office buildings and also lock doors and bridges.After the Masters, depending on the specialization, students of steel structures can design and verify large and complex structures by using the state of art knowledge. In addition to design skills our students become experts in fatigue design, fire safety, aluminum structures. Cost effective design for fabrication and erection as well as sustainability are important issues considered in the education.Students can find information on the courses provided by the group of Steel and Composite Structures in all phases of their civil engineering studies. The most updated versions are available  on

The developments of online courses started in 2016. The first online course to be developed in 2016 and 2017 with the support of the Extension School TU Delft is the professional education course (ProfED) – “FRP Composite Structures in Buildings and Infrastructure”. Developed in cooperation with Structural Mechanics group TUD-CiTG and industry partners it covers comprehensive set of specialized knowledge needed for design of such structures. The course is designed for professionals including: young and senior structural engineers, consultants, reviewers, project managers and decision makers at investors and/or state institutions, who have experience with classical structural engineering materials.