MSc Education: Blockchain Technology Certificate

Blockchain technology represents a fundamental change in the way we think about computing. Economic incentives, security by design, and smart contracts are just some of the ideas that underpin this new and disruptive technology. TU Delft is therefore proud to offer a certificate in blockchain technology. To qualify, students must successfully complete three advanced computer science master courses:

  • Security and Cryptography by Dr Zeki Erkin (IN4191, Q1)
  • Distributed Algorithms by Prof Dick Epema (IN4150, Q2)
  • Blockchain Engineering by Dr Johan Pouwelse (CS4160, Q2)

Enrolment is open to all computer science master students from TU Delft.

PhD Education

DBT will teach a course on blockchain technology and related subjects to PhD students in the Research School Advanced School for Computing and Imaging (ASCI).