Fourth Annual Delft Blockchain Symposium

Blockchain & Security

Blockchain and security are closely intertwined. In order to live up to their expectations of consensus on transactions and their validity and immutability, blockchains need strong security guarantees. This fourth (online) Annual Delft Blockchain Symposium organized by the Delft Blockchain Lab will consist of three parts. First, two keynotes will present their view on current research on blockchain and security. Secondly, two important projects partners of DBL will present the goals of their joint projects with DBL. Finally, two PhD candidates of DBL who will graduate early 2021 will give an overview of their research.

In 2017, DBL, which brings together all blockchain-related research at TU Delft, was established. DBL has its origin in many years of research in peer-to-peer, reputation and accounting systems. Rather than focusing purely on the blockchain, its research target is digitizing trust for society and the economy. In addition to its focus on core technology and application-oriented aspects, DBL considers ethical and societal issues of blockchain technology. It takes a unique systems approach—its research roadmap calls for the design of a complete software stack from the highest level of Decentralized Markets and Event-Based Contracts through scalable consensus and alternatives for the standard blockchain, all the way down to the hardware enabling the required security.



  • 14:30-14:35 Opening by Dick Epema (TU Delft)

Part 1: Blockchain and Security
Two keynote presentations on the theme of the symposium

  • 14:35-15:05 Sebastian Faust (University of Darmstadt, Germany): Perun: Secure State Channel Networks for Blockchain Scalability
  • 15:05-15:35 Ghassan Karame (NEC Labs, Germany): Towards Secure and Scalable Blockchains

15:35-15:45 Break

Part 2: DBL Projects
Presentations by DBL project partners

  • 15:45-16:00 Lauren Weymouth (Ripple): Accelerating Blockchain Innovation to Fuel the Future of Work
  • 16:00-16:15 Victor van der Hulst (Windesheim University of Applied Sciences): Spark! Living Lab: Putting Data-sharing Technology into Practice

16:15-16:20 Break

Part 3: DBL PhD Research
Presentations by two DBL PhD candidates in close to graduation

  • 16:20-16:35 Martijn de Vos (TU Delft): Decentralization and Disintermediation in Blockchain-based Market Places
  • 16:35-16:50 Oğuzhan Ersoy (TU Delft): Incentives and Cryptographic Applications in Blockchain Layers

16:50-17:30 Online reception

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