NWO TTP grant for Prof. Hans van Lint

News - 25 January 2018 - Webredactie

Professor Hans van Lint has received an NWO TTP grant of 1.3 million euros for the MiRRORS project; Multiscale integrated traffic observatory for large road networks.

Reliable and complete traffic information is critically important for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). From personal traffic apps to traffic control centers, the efficiency and effectivity of these services require accurate and reliable traffic estimations and predictions. MiRRORS aims to develop a new innovative multi-scale framework that can deliver these for large road traffic networks using whatever data sources are available.

MiRRORS takes a unique three step approach. First, hybrid approaches are developed, where pattern recognition and classification approaches are combined with state-of-the-art traffic flow models. Second, integrated multi-scale solutions are developed, in which traffic information estimated on one scale level is used to support and strengthen estimation and prediction on other levels. Third, a robust distributed approach is developed, which is scalable for large-scale road networks.

Prof. Alexander Verbaek of the TPM faculty is co-applicant for MiRRORS. In MiRRORS TU Delft collaborates with: NDW; Mezuro & DAT.Mobility; CGI; RHDHV. The project will start Februari 2018 and is estimated to finish in Februari 2022.