TIL student Daphne van den Hurk wins ‘Ward Vleugels Q-Park Thesis Award 2017’

News - 20 March 2018 - Webredactie

At the Thought Leader Event, an event about parking and mobility, Daphne van den Hurk has won the shared 1st prize of the ‘Ward Vleugels Q-Park Thesis Award 2017’. A panel of parking experts praised the originality and depth of analysis of her thesis topic ‘The effects of private automated vehicles on drivers' parking location choice’. The event took place on 16 March and was organised by Q-Park and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Eric Molin of the faculty of TPM was one of the thesis supervisors of Daphne.

Read the full press release of Q-Park.

Left to right: Ward Vleugels, Robert Boer, Michael McIvor (on-screen, and cheque held by Theo Thuis - Managing Director Innovations at Q-Park), Daphne van den Hurk, and Frank De Moor.