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10 May 2021

Nitesh Bharosa appointed as GovTech professor at TPM

We are proud to announce that TPM alumnus Nitesh Bharosa will start as full professor of "GovTech & Innovation in Digital Government Ecosystems" at TPM on 15 May 2021. This 5 year part-time professorship is funded by Digicampus (, where Bharosa has also been appointed as scientific director.

28 April 2021

NWO awards 10 million euros for solving cyber security issues

Within the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) programme “Cyber Security”, five consortia will work on finding solutions related to internet security. TU Delft is involved in four of the consortia. Three projects will focus on governance, and two will also focus on cryptologic aspects. The total research budget amounts to circa 10 million euros. Professor Michel van Eeten is leading the project ‘THESEUS: Making patching happen’. Other TPM researchers that are involved are Simon Parkin, Kate Labunets en Kevin Borgolte.

26 April 2021

How do Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB panellists feel about social routing systems?

"Motorists should make a short detour once a week, so that we are all less stuck in traffic". That is the statement in Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB magazine De Kampioen this month. The proposition was submitted by the TPM research group ERC-BEHAVE led by Caspar Chorus. This group conducts research into social routing systems, which the ANWB found an interesting idea.

23 April 2021

How does the dark web work? Rolf van Wegberg explains!

Perhaps you know the stories about ordering drugs with bitcoins in three clicks, applying for a fake passport, or ordering weapons: you can do it all at the dark web. But how does the dark web work? And how come the police cannot catch you there?

19 April 2021

TU Delft and NFI join forces to innovate forensic research

How does someone fall down after a push or jump? How to do good research at a crime scene? Can a computer model determine the time of death? And how do you get all traces out of a phone in a good way? These are just a few examples of studies that TU Delft and the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) are conducting together. Today, the collaboration has been strengthened by signing a joint "Memorandum of Understanding".

15 April 2021

TPM advises Delta Programme

Over the course of the coming months, the policy analysis section will be advising the Dutch Delta Programme on the further development of Adaptive Delta Management. Since 2010, the Delta Programme has been responsible for adapting the Dutch water management and flood risks system to climate change and sea level rise.

01 April 2021

New publication: Journal of Integrated Security and Safety Science

We are proud to present the new Journal of Integrated Security and Safety Science. An open access journal in which you can freely read and publish innovative papers that offer a significant contribution - conceptual, theoretical, methodological, or empirical - to all areas of physical security and safety in industries and infrastructures.

30 March 2021

Novel disaster communication system empowers communities and can save lives

Een bijna lege telefoon kan bij rampen het verschil betekenen tussen leven en dood. TU Delft onderzoeker Indushree Banerjee heeft daarom een nieuw energie-efficiënt en betrouwbaar noodcommunicatiesysteem ontworpen voor smartphones. Het systeem maximaliseert het aantal mensen dat gedurende een langere periode kan communiceren en kan daarmee levens redden in getroffen gebieden.

18 March 2021

Climate Resilience expert professor Tatiana Filatova joins TPM

We are pleased to announce that professor Tatiana Filatova will be joining our faculty as of the 1st of April 2021. She is an authority in the field of computational agent-based models designed to explore climate resilience of coupled socio-technical-environmental systems. She is appointed as full professor computational economics at the MAS department.

12 March 2021

New Mooc on ethical dilemmas professional engineering

A new free online course on ethical dilemmas in professional engineering is launched on 16 March. TPM researcher Pieter Vermaas explains how engineers worldwide can deal with ethical dilemmas. These can include conflicts of interests, bribery, whistle-blowing and inadequate information about potential negative effects of products and technologies.

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