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We live in a digital society. Every day, you are influenced by the digitization of data: how we communicate and socialize, how we work, learn, stay healthy, and participate in politics and the economy.

Discover the story behind our researchers. How do they perceive digital advancements? What can we expect in the future with the advent of AI?

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A digital society has long been established. From satellites in space, your smartphone, traffic lights, to robots cleaning up plastic from the seabed, digital technology is indispensable in our society. Our digital society can be seen as a complex socio-technical system. The question is how we can design and manage this system in the best and most responsible way, ensuring a digital society that remains human-centric, healthy, just, inclusive, and secure.

At TBM, we leverage our knowledge of technology and complex socio-technical systems to understand the impact of digitalization on our daily lives. We focus on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and 5G, as well as themes like cybersecurity. We analyze their influence on our societal life and the relationship between humans and the digital society. For instance, researchers at TBM provide advice to the EU on the ethical implications of technological innovations and the power of big tech companies. What are the consequences of disinformation, bot armies, and manipulation through the internet? With the knowledge we acquire, we help design solutions that assist policymakers in creating future-proof policies and finding answers to issues of power inequality and legal challenges. Our goal is to shape systems where the societal interest is paramount.


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