Outstanding Paper Award for Antragama Ewa Abbas at the 36th Bled eConference

News - 05 July 2023 - Webredactie

Antragama Ewa Abbas has been awarded the Outstanding Paper Award at the 36th Bled eConference, one of the most prominent conferences in the field of Information Systems. 

Antragama’s award-winning paper, co-authored with Wirawan Agahari, Hosea Ofe, Anneke Zuiderwijk, and Mark de Reuver, is titled “Toward Sovereign Data Exchange Through a Meta-Platform for Data Marketplaces: A Preliminary Evaluation of the Perceived Efficacy of Control Mechanisms.” This paper explores the complex ecology of data marketplaces with the specific issue of sovereignty over data exchange. The paper presents and evaluates two innovative solutions - smart contracts and certifications, which may advance data sovereignty in data exchange. The findings show promising positive impacts on data sovereignty, which is of importance because companies are afraid of losing control of data they are sharing. The findings incentivize businesses to engage in the Data Economy: a vision in which companies can share data to realise new innovations, while safeguarding European values such as privacy and democracy.

Antragama’s work is part of the Horizon 2020 TRUSTS (Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space) project. Read the full paper here.

About Bled eConference

The Bled eConference has been a platform for pioneering research papers since 1988, and its Outstanding Paper Award honors academic quality, relevance to practices, and ambition for eCommerce advancement.