Olya Kudina, new member of The Young Academy

News - 16 January 2024 - Webredactie

Olya Kudina is one of the ten new members of The Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. The ten researchers will be officially installed as members of The Young Academy on March 26, 2024. During their five-year membership, they will advocate for projects in the areas of science policy, interdisciplinarity, internationalization, and the relationship between science and society. Kudina focuses on philosophy of technology.

Olya Kudina investigates the dynamic relationship between technologies and human values, specifically how artificial intelligence influences and can enhance democracy. For example, she explores how these technologies can be developed sustainably, considering that the principles of 'sustainability' are not static and evolve during interaction with technologies such as artificial intelligence. Kudina's research encompasses philosophy, design, and computer science, combining theoretical and empirical work.

Kudina feels very honoured to be a member: 'I feel the vast responsibility of this role. In my role at the Young Academy, I will work on building more inclusive and resilient digital societies, focusing on the reflective skills of children and young adults regarding digital technologies. In addition, I aim to contribute to the inclusion and diversity in Dutch academia, particularly regarding the integral presence of international researchers and students.

Read the full press release from The Young Academy (in Dutch).