Safety and Security Science

The Section Safety & Security Science studies socio-technical systems and the decision making processes on technical, human and organisational issues that take place in such systems, with an eye on challenges that may arise for the values of safety and security.

Section research themes

  1. Probabilistic safety analysis
  2. Human and organisational factors
  3. Conflicting values
  4. New threats and technologies
  5. Risk and crisis communication

Application domains

  • Critical infrastructures
  • Process & nuclear industries
  • Transport sector
  • Emergency response
  • Construction & manufacturing sectors
  • Health care sector

We are the initiators of the open access Journal of Integrated Security and Safety Science (JISSS)

Department research themes

With her research, the Section Safety & Security Science contributes to three main research themes that intersect the whole Department of Values, Technology & Innovation:

Design for Values

How to integrate values into the design of technologies, institutions and socio-technical systems?

Management of Responsible Innovation (RI)

How to operationalise, manage & incentivise RI?

Responsible Risk Management

How to assess, manage & evaluate risk in a responsible way?
More about these themes