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In a world where healthcare is constantly under pressure, innovative solutions are crucial. Imagine being able to predict the future and manage patient flows accurately in emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic. Or improving life-threatening diseases.

Discover the story behind our researchers. How are they dedicated to creating a resilient, fair, and sustainable future for healthcare?

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Across the globe, the climate is changing. As a society, we are preparing for the risks and working on innovations to mitigate further climate change. We are bringing together the knowledge we need to better understand the climate and working towards accelerating the energy transition.

TBM focuses on various aspects of subjects such as climate-resilient infrastructure, behavioral insights for climate action, and system analysis for transition pathways. We study the effects of climate change and design interventions that can help society better cope with its consequences. Additionally, to ensure the success of the energy transition, a new system is needed, including adaptive delta management and improved crisis response organization. For example, at TBM, we use computer models to map the impact of individual actors' behavior on the energy system. Our goal is to understand the current systems, propose improvements that contribute to a sustainable and equitable policy, and address the ethical implications of these changes.


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