Naomi van der Linden receives grant of Dutch Research Council for ‘Nurse Intention study’

News - 06 July 2023 - Webredactie

Naomi van der Linden is one of 61 researchers who receives a grant from the SSH Open Competition XS pilot of the Dutch Research Council. These are grants of up to €50,000, which are intended to enable scientists in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) to elaborate on promising ideas, innovative and risky initiatives. With the research project Nurse Intention study Van der Linden wants to develop a method to incorporate nurse “intention to stay” in economic evaluations of healthcare interventions.

About Nurse Intention study

The biggest healthcare challenge of our time is the shortage of personnel, particularly nurses. Suggested solutions are to increase efficiency of care, such as by using new technologies and/or centralising care in a limited number of locations. Such interventions substantially impact nursing tasks and potentially nurse retention. This is currently not taken into account in economic evaluations of health interventions, so that interventions aimed to alleviate the workforce problem or improve cost-effectiveness, might actually worsen it. This study aims to develop a method for quantitatively incorporating nurses’ intention to stay in economic evaluations of healthcare interventions.