MAS provides education to students in all the master and bachelor studies that are taught at the faculty of Technology, Policy & Management. The central focus in our education is the object of study of the department: the multi-actor perspective. The department provides students with theoretical knowledge and tools for analysis (bachelor) and design (master). Our teaching emphasizes the consequences of the multi-actor perspective for modelling (conceptually and quantitative) as well as design (robust and fit for ‘real world’ actor behaviour).


Master Programs

  • We also participate in the various master programs of the faculty of TPM:

Online Education

TU Delft believes that online education will play an important role in the future in order to meet the huge increase in demand for quality higher education. Meeting the continued worldwide demand with ‘on campus education’ would mean building three universities for 20,000 students every week for the next 20 years. Or part of the education could be provided online instead. Studying online offers you the possibility of studying wherever and whenever you want.


  • We provide various minors for all BSc programs at the TU Delft

PhD program and graduate school

More information can also be found at the website of the faculty graduate school of TPM which is part of the graduate school of TU Delft.