TU Delft Graduate School

Do you want a career in research, where you spend four years studying a particular research area? TU Delft Graduate School prepares and trains doctoral candidates to become highly qualified, autonomous and leading researchers and skilled professionals. The TU Delft has a range of research areas, spread across eight faculties.

What can you expect:

  • group-based training (leading to a flourishing academic community and furthering peer learning);
  • fully qualified supervisors to coach and guide you with your training and research activities;
  • customized Doctoral Education programme to your learning needs;
  • support to realise your personal and professional ambitions.

Society is becoming increasingly complex and as a result the demand for highly educated labour force is rising. TU Delft acknowledges the doctorate as a key instrument to address the increasing complexity; the creativity and flexibility of the research mind-set is of value to many (emerging) positions and careers. It is the ambition of the Graduate School (GS) to contribute to this development by delivering highly skilled doctors.

At TU Delft a Doctoral Programme consists of Research and Doctoral Education (DE). The DE Programme is an integral part of the preparation for the doctorate and your further career. It ensures and enhances the development of scientific quality along with the needed proficiency for interpersonal skills.

With a PhD you obtain knowledge at the highest level in your field of expertise. TU Delft prepares and trains doctoral candidates to enter their professional career equipped with the latest research findings and first-hand knowledge of the state of the art within their field, so that they are optimally prepared to make their contribution to solving the world’s current and future challenges.

― Tim van der Hagen, Rector Magnificus Delft University of Technology