Press officers

For general questions, so no press questions, please contact 'Information TU Delft', tel. +31 (0)15 27 89111 or e-mail 

If you have press related questions, please contact the Science Information Officers and Spokespersons below.

For urgent press questions outside office hours, the picket line can be reached via 015 27 87000.  

Science Information Officer Climate Action

Inge Snijder

Available Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Science Information Officer Urbanisation & Mobility

Karlijn Spoor

Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Science Information Officer Digital Society, Robotics and AI

Pauline Bijster

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning, Thursday.

Science Information Officer Health & Care

Dimmy van Ruiten

Available Monday to

Science Information Officer Energy Transition

Dave Boomkens

Available Monday to Friday.

Team leader Internal & External Communication

Nadine Vos

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning, Thursday.

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