11 May 2021

Serge Hoogendoorn new member KNAW

Serge Hoogendoorn will be installed as a KNAW member on September 13. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has elected twenty-three new members, including three from abroad. Members of the KNAW, leading scientists from all disciplines, are elected on the basis of their scientific achievements. The KNAW has approximately five hundred and fifty members. Membership is for life.

10 May 2021

A little walk can make ridesharing a lot more efficient

Ridesharing can benefit from using pick-up and drop-off points and asking users to walk a small distance. Researchers at TU Delft have analyzed this by using a real dataset of 10.000 Manhattan taxi trips. They have published their results online in Transportation Research Part C.

02 May 2021

Restaurants at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment are the first to offer fully vegetarian menu

Sustainability is a high priority at TU Delft. Not only is it a common thread in many of the university’s education, research and valorisation activities - the university is also taking steps towards making the campus more sustainable. In this regard, the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment is the first faculty which offers an entirely vegetarian menu at Ketelhuis starting 3 May. When the other food & beverage facilities at the faculty reopen, their assortment will also be fully vegetarian.

29 April 2021

1,000 rivers emit nearly 80% of global ocean plastic pollution

A publication in Science Advances sheds new light on where and how much plastic flows into the oceans via rivers.