Your PhD programme

We know you have a passion for research and science (that’s why you are reading this page). Joining a PhD programme at TU Delft might be the right choice for you. As a PhD candidate, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of research areas, spread across eight faculties. During the four years of the PhD programme you will be conducting research, developing new knowledge and writing your dissertation. An inspiring environment and challenging programme that will help you become an independent researcher and a skilled professional. Academic excellence starts in Delft.

TU Delft is a prestigious university

At TU Delft you will be working at a top university in an international environment, surrounded by talented people with a passion for science, design and technology. During your PhD programme at TU Delft you will delve into a research field that fascinates you, under supervision of a professor leading in this field. One thing is for sure: in Delft you will be optimising your expertise and talent, allowing you to contribute to solving (future) challenges in our society. Explore our faculties and disciplines.

5 reasons to choose a PhD programme at TU Delft

  1. Advanced laboratory and experimental facilities that are unique in the Netherlands, and are used to conduct advanced research for the scientific field, and for business and industry
  2. International acclaimed supervisors to coach and guide you with your training and research activities
  3. Small group-based training and peer interaction (leading to a flourishing academic community and furthering peer learning)
  4. Customised Doctoral Education programme to cater to your individual learning needs
  5. Support to realise your personal and professional ambitions

Is a PhD track the right choice for you?

As a PhD candidate at TU Delft, you…

  • Have an above-average interest in science, engineering and design
  • Want to explore a scientific area in-depth and contribute to the scientific field
  • Get excited about the possibility of contributing to solving societal issues by means of your research project
  • Possess strong analytical skills and look forward to the possibility of conducting research independently
  • Are a problem solver and a critical and innovative thinker
  • Need to have a university master’s degree in a relevant field

By the numbers*

  • 2.999 PhD candidates

  • 431 PhD defences

  • 31% female, 69% male

  • 69% from abroad

  • PhD experience at TU Delft: 7.9

*TU Delft Facts and Figures 2021 and PhD Alumni Survey 2021

Engineering Doctorate: a practice-based alternative to a PhD
Do you want a more design-oriented approach? Check out our EngD positions (Engineering Doctorate). This two-year design-traineeship offers you an application-focused alternative to a PhD position, and provides you with a solid basis for an accelerated start of your industrial career.

In six steps towards your PhD

In general, a PhD programme at TU Delft will take four years. In order to guarantee the quality of the PhD process, TU Delft has implemented a tailor-made PhD Development Cycle that covers the different stages in your PhD research. This cycle starts on the first day of your PhD and consists of six steps leading to your doctoral defence ceremony. Check out our infographic to learn more about your steps.