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With the energy transition and climate change, our environment is rapidly transforming. How can we adapt our cities and transportation systems to be prepared for future conditions?

Discover the story behind our researchers. How are they dedicated to creating just, safe, and resilient cities and transportation systems?

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Due to climate change, population growth, and increasing inequality, the pressure on our cities and infrastructure is mounting. Therefore, the cities of the future must be sustainable and resilient. Additionally, we need ways to continue efficient transportation without burdening the environment. That's why we are also working on sustainable and smart transportation and infrastructure.

Cities and mobility networks are complex socio-technical systems. At TBM, by constructing artificial cities and creating simulations based on real-world data, we unravel and understand the complexity and numerous interactions among infrastructure, transportation, and behavior. For example, we research how people move during extreme climate events. We map significant behavioral changes and utilize that information to design resilient network models. Our goal is to provide policymakers with insights to develop policies for just, safe, and resilient cities and transportation systems based on that understanding.






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