Drs. Y. (Yvonne) Lont


Yvonne Lont has a background in econometrics, she obtained her Master’s degree at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is working within the Transport and Logistics section of the department Engineering systems and Services.

Prior to her start at the TU Delft in November 2021, she worked at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) as a lecturer-researcher at the Logistics management department and the RUAS research institute Sustainable Port Cities.


Yvonne focuses her research on decision making for reliable supply chains, especially to ensure rapid procurement and distribution of essential supplies.

Her research is carried out in collaboration with the ministry of Defense; the success of their critical operations depends on the rapid availability of those supplies.

Specific topics within the research will be on information asymmetry, agent-based modelling will be used to analyze cases.

Yvonne Lont

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Transport & Logistics

Working days Monday till Friday, except from Wednesday afternoons

Research interests

  • Reliable supply chains
  • Intra-organizational information asymmetry
  • Coordination mechanisms