Sharing research software for maximum impact

News - 31 March 2021


The newly drafted TU Delft Research Software Policy and new Guidelines set out a simplified, streamlined process to help you as a researcher to manage and share your software.

The proposed workflow is easy to adopt with a clear division of roles and responsibilities that simplify the organization and (open) sharing of research software. Where a lengthy process was  required, now, with the introduction of pre-approved licences and software registration, it is easier to comply with copyright rules. The policy and guidelines also offer clarity for researchers with contract and patent intentions. 

As TU Delft’s rewards and recognition system is changing, sharing software in a compliant manner enhances your contribution to science and offers you recognition that extends beyond your research papers. 

With these improvements, the outputs of your research are future resilient as they are findable, accessible, interoperable and reproducible (FAIR). 

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