The Digital Enhanced Learning Lab (DEL2) is a prototype lab that will enable students to work on lab projects in a hybrid format (in location and remotely). Students will have the opportunity to train their acquired knowledge during their studies in a digital environment. DEL2 will offer tutoring to the students, access to physical and digital infrastructure, cloud computational resources, and access to databases and modeling tools. It will connect them with expert engineers and programming developers, designers and entrepreneurs with the aim of knowledge, data, and code sharing during the execution of educational projects.

Open access repository

The Center of Excellence shares the responsibility to democratize science by making it popular and relevant to the society and its needs. One way to succeed is by providing accessibility to resources to everyone who is interested in exploiting results that we generate, i.e. experimental data, algorithmic and numerical codes, publications, reports. The Center of Excellence will offer access to resources via the official data-sharing channels of TU Delft, www.dataverse.nlhttps://repository.tudelft.nl/https://data.4tu.nl/info/en/. Regular updates will be announced with links to new datasets, codes, publications and reports.