BioMorphic Interacting Drones and their Applications in Agriculture

BioMorphic Intelligence Lab demonstrates on Italian National Day at Floriade Expo

News - 11 July 2022

On Friday 8 July, Italian National Day, Salua Hamaza, co-director of the BioMorphic Intelligence Lab at TU Delft presented her vision on morphologically intelligent drones at the decennial Expo Floriade and gave a live drone demonstration. This was part of the opening of the Italian Pavilion, with the Italian Embassy and members of the EU delegation attending to the event.

What does the next generation of drones look like? Drones are now ubiquitous thanks to advancements in control and autonomy over the past decade. Research from the BioMorphic Intelligence Lab, part of the TU Delft AI Labs & Talent programme, will demonstrate how smart body design together with biologically inspired methods will bring the current technology a step further, making drones able to safely interact with their surroundings by exploiting embodied intelligence.

Salua Hamaza