A place where data, AI and behavioural theory come together

Cities are hotspots of human activity that have made humanity more prosperous, happier and healthier. The CiTy AI Lab will exploit the new possibilities of AI to make the cities of the future even smarter and more liveable.

In order to develop such cities, it is essential to know how people experience existing cities in terms of, for example, attractiveness, safety and accessibility. Until now, these aspects were difficult to quantify and urban development decisions were usually based on hard metrics such as population density, income levels and percentages of green and built areas. However, these metrics do not provide a complete picture, and they often fall short when it comes to identifying and understanding people's behaviour and the impact of policy measures.  

The CiTy AI Lab will use new developments in AI to change this. There is a wealth of data available today at the city level. This includes geo-tagged images (such as from streetview, aerial photos and Flickr), text (from for instance Twitter) and data on human mobility (from smart cards, WiFi and Bluetooth). In the CiTyAI Lab we are developing AI that can translate this data into insights into the structure of cities and its impact on human behaviour.

In the CiTy AI Lab data, AI and theory come together. We use AI to leverage data to develop behavioural theory, and conversely, we use behavioural theory as a foundation for building AI systems and analysing data.