A. (Ali) Vahidi

Ali Vahidi is a PhD researcher in the department of Engineering Structures, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology. Ali received his BSc in Civil Engineering from IAUM, Iran and the MSc in Environmental Engineering – Earth Resources from University of Bologna, Italy. In 2017, he joined the group of Resources and Recycling at TU Delft as a researcher and started his research on circularity in construction sector at Recycling Laboratory.

Research interests

Sustainable Construction, Smart Infrastructure, Circular Solutions

HISER is aimed to increase use of recovered raw materials by -new building products through the (partial) replacement of virgin raw materials - novel harmonized methodological solutions and tools - advanced technologies for the production of high-purity raw materials (Recycling and reuse of end of life concrete coarse).

VEEP is aimed to develop, upscale and optimize new advanced recycling technologies conceived for a high efficient cost-effective recovery of mineral resources form CD&W (Recycling and reuse of end of life concrete fines).

SWITCH – Asia II is aimed to share and transfer latest European knowledge in the field of construction and demolition waste management and recycling to Mongolia.

Ali Vahidi

PhD researcher

Engineering Structures

Resources & Recycling

Mrs. A.P.M. Barnhoorn