Dr. P. (Pingping) Wen

Dr. Pingping Wen studied physics at Beijing Institute of Technology and got his bachelor’s degree there. Later in the same university, he started PhD research, investigating the underlying mechanisms of self-organization and patterning behaviours of soft matters. Now, he is working at TUDelft as a Postdoc Researcher, to understand the physics of high definition and ultra-fast mechanical sorting technology.

Research interests

Physical sorting, Multidisciplinary application, Plastic recycling

  • Large scale waterjet printing for the ultra-fast high definition sensor sorting technology. Sensor-Based Sorting & Control, 2018.

Understanding the physics of ultra-fast mechanical fine particle sorting of MDS products.
Perspective: Innovative Magnetic Density Separation for the optimal use of resources and energy.
Objective: Sorting plastic waste into pure secondary resources for new plastic at low cost.

Pingping Wen

Postdoc researcher

Engineering Structures

Resources & Recycling

Mrs. A.P.M. Barnhoorn

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